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The Frist Marine Low-speed Engine Gearbox Order!

Feb 18, 2023 | Standard Products | 0 comments

Recently, Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Group Co., Ltd. successfully signed a contract for reduction gearboxes for low-speed engines for 46,000-ton bulk carriers, marking a breakthrough for Hang Gear Group in the support of low-speed diesel engine main propulsion system and entering the field of low-speed engine support.
Since the project started to receive information in April 2018, the ship machinery company has closely focused on the annual operation requirements of the group company, actively explored the market, and contacted and communicated with the ship owner for many times. With the cooperation and support of Hangteeth Technical Center, through more than a year of efforts, the end-user decided to choose Hangteeth gearbox and reached cooperation in early August 2019.
The gearbox adopts full sliding bearing structure, and this kind of structure gearbox is the first of its kind in the domestic marine gearbox market. This gearbox can fully meet the requirements of large transmission capacity and large torque of low-speed diesel engine, which can bring higher efficacy to the operation of this low-speed diesel engine ship and improve the stability of ship operation.
Through the gearbox supporting for the main propulsion system of low-speed diesel engine, Hangteeth Group has successfully expanded the market and is expected to obtain more customer orders in this field.

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