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Corporate Culture


A Promise is A Promise

Reputation is the greatest asset of EMAC, we don’t make promise easily, and we keep every promises we made.



Stay Honest, Stay Foolish

Trustworthiness is the greatest advantages of EMAC, we clearly knows that only small streams can last long.



Better Power, Better World

Focus is the greatest driving power of EMAC, we devoted ourselves into developing of better power system, for a better world.



Help World Leverage the Power of China

Connectivity is the greatest value of EMAC, our vision is helping all customers from all over the world improving their manufacturing abilities by leverage the rich manufacturing and technology resources in China.



Stay Hungry, Infinite Evolution

Creativity is the greatest competitiveness of EMAC, we stay to our original aspiration and not satisfied with any achievement we had, every step we made is new start of our next step.


EMAC Outdoor activitiy
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EMAC Company Culture
EMAC France Trip-2
EMAC France Trip-3
EMAC France Trip
EMAC Thailand Team and EMAC Team
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Sales Team

Marine Sales - Mrs. Gazit Wong WhatApp-Icon

Train Sales - Mrs. Gazit Wong WhatApp-Icon

Automotive Sales - Mr. Wells Luo WhatApp-Icon

Industrial Sales - Mrs. Kitty Chen WhatApp-Icon

Generator Sales - Mrs. Erica WhatApp-Icon

Pump Sales - Mrs. Ryen WhatApp-Icon

Spare Parts - Mrs. Nora Chen WhatApp-Icon

Sales Manager - Mrs. Wendy Fu

Ventas españolas - Victoria

Sales Director - Mr. Jasper Lee       WhatApp-Icon

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M-F:9 am - 7 pm
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Mr. Jasper Lee : +86-158-8972-7636

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