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EMAC Management System


PCMT marketing system helping all EMAC team members to understand what customers needed. Its impossible to delivery satisfy to customer without understanding what customers want.


BSIE management system is the foundation of good team performance, which are clearly working tasks, clearly instructions of every issues, efficient and fairly incentive system.


CASL service standard gives clearly instructions of standard for all of our services, easily accessed complete documents, accurate and visualization introductions, professional and systematic documents support, life-time cycle covered services. CASL standard drives both engineering and marketing team to a higher services standard, which also will be unique and very helpful for all of our customers.


TSIF quality control system starting from the beginning of the order, to the end of servicing life time of our products, our services not ended at delivery of goods, but endless with every single customer.


On all after-sales complaints customers will receive a response within 1 working day, our tasked responsibilities within 2 working days and a final resolution within 3 working days.


A well-developed management system that is an integration of 5 individual systems, from PCMT marketing system to CASL service standard system, from TSIF quality control system to 123R after-sales service system, our system guarantees the quality and services standard of EMAC, and relieve customer worries.

This is a picture of the EMAC team.

PCMT Marketing System

From products analysis to customer behavior understanding, from marketing system structure design to team skills requirements, powered by the systematic acknowledges of MBA, EMAC have very clearly understanding of what market needed, and what we should do, helping EMAC greatly improved our customer communication skills.
It’s impossible to delivery satisfy to customer without understanding what customers want.


BSIE Management System

No matter how well we understand the market and customer, a well-developed internal management system is the foundation of a good company. From well-designed organize structure to clearly explain position responsibility, from systematic training to effective incentive system, EMAC developed advanced up to date internal management system, ensuing every single team member of EMAC have brilliant future as well as enjoying every working day.
Only happy team members can make our customers smiles.

This is a picture of the EMAC team.
This is a picture of EMAC past projects.

CASL Service Standard System

A set of easy accessible and complete products information, helping all customers confirm all technical specifications and find out suitable matching products.
Accurate and visual products introductions helping all customers understand supplying conditions of products.
System professional technical documentation support, greatly reduce customer communication costs.
Full life cycle services provide a 360 degrees services, from pre-sales communications to products delivery, from installation to commissioning, from after-sales services to products overhaul, we provide documents, video and technical support from the beginning to the end, whenever you need EMAC, we always ready to help you out with your questions or problems.

TSIF Quality Control System

Technical (T) contracts are signed with all customers on all orders.
A supervising (S) team checks on-site production at business partners factories.
Inspections (I) are carried on every single product to ensure that it meets technical specifications quality standards and schedule delivery time.
Technical following up will be carry on every single product, our services not ended at goods delivery, not ended in accomplishment of commissioning, our services are endless, we will always be there if you have any questions or need any help.

This is a picture of EMAC past projects.
This is a picture of EMAC talking to clients in the past.

123R After-Sales Service

123R after-sales service system is ready to give response for any possible quality issue, no one can give quick services if they are not getting ready for after-sales services. Our after-sales services standard is helping all of customers solved their problems under EMAC’s costs, while some of companies might will try to pass the buck to customer or even try to make profit from after-sales services.
What’s more important, EMAC knows everyone will be unhappy if their products have defective, so based on the condition that solve the problems perfectly, we also reward all of customers that had quality issues with our products, as the pay back of our apologize.

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