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Feel free to contact EMAC team via WhatsApp, Wechat, Email, Phone Calls for any questions you may have, our well-trained operation team are ready to give you answers you need. You also welcome to find out quick answers via visit FAQ pages, and EMAC also have professional products introduction and technical training videos on EMAC Group Youtube channel for most of products we carry on.


Tel: +86-755-8231-4520

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Tel: +86-158-8972-7636

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26th Floor, Times Space Building, Shasong Road, Baoan, Shenzhen, China.

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Find products introduction and service training videos on EMAC Youtube channel.


Tel: +86-755-8231-4530


Monday-Friday: 9am – 7pm  |   Saturday-Sunday: Closed

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Frequently Asked Questions

Questions About Products

Chinese supplying channels are really complex that quite difficult for foreigner companies to understand, due to the strong manufacturing ability and rich supplying resources here, the complexity of “Why the other company can offer so cheap price” is not easy to understand, and even not easy to explain, such as the manufacturers’ introduction, the prices differece caused by different quality of products, different scopes of supply, different source of components etc.
As a new generation Chinese company, EMAC collecting all kinds of cases to show the difference to global customers, we always stay honest, and follows high transparency style of communication. EMAC do believe “Our friendship lasts though our deal fails”, we show all the reliaties to all customers, and we don’t cares the result of deal, but cares the value we created… Find Out More

Questions About Business

There are dozens of questions from customers about price, discount, authorization, shipping, insurance, packing, certificates etc. To make both customers and EMAC’s business simplier, we collecting all questions in this category, customers can find out all related answers easily to improve working efficient.
For sure, EMAC welcome all customers to contact us if you didn’t find your questions in this list, this will help EMAC and our future customers, and your questions will be added into this category if its a common question… Find Out More

Questions About Management

How can you guarantee the quality of our products? How do you provide after-sales services to us? How can I trust EMAC is our right supplying partner?
The questions about process and management also comes to EMAC quite often, our TSIF system ensuring us the high standard delivery on every single order, our TSIF system securit the delivery of goods from the begining of the order to the complishment of commissioning, we cares every customers all the time. Our 123R after-sales service system relieve all customers worries about after-sales services. There is no company can guarantee 0 defective rate on their products, EMAC also can’t guarantee that, but we take fully responsibility on the possible defective and doing our best to provide solutions for customers. In any bad cases, we also actively helping customer to make up their losses as much as we can… Find Out More

Questions About Training

Can EMAC provide after-sales training? Can EMAC provide sales traing support? What other training services EMAC can provide?
Training requirements are quite common from EMAC’s customers, by working together with our manufacturing partners, EMAC able to provide professional training services from installation training, commissioning training, after-sales service training for our partners.
Regarding with business and management, EMAC is also actively with providing training services including online marketing training, video marketing training and management system training. EMAC believe training making both customers and EMAC growing together, and the most enjoyful part of our business is the process of learning and growing together with all business partner all around the world… Find Out More

Chat with us now!

If you don’t want to chat on WhatsApp, you are welcome to leave us message of what you need as well, our sales and service team will contact you within 24 hours. Due to email system are not 100% reliable, we STRONGLY recommend you to keep in touch with EMAC via WhatsApp.

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Sales Manager – Mrs. Wendy Fu

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