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J2H09 Reducer was Successfully Developed and Passed Acceptance

Feb 10, 2023 | Standard Products | 0 comments

The prototype of J2H09 gearbox, designed by the Industrial Institute of Technology Center and tested by the Testing Institute, successfully passed the factory quality evaluation on July 14 and was delivered on the same day.

J2H09 Reducer

J2H09 type reducer has strict requirements on noise, load-bearing capacity and air tightness. The product applies the key technology of fine and high gear transmission, and determines the gear modification scheme through dynamic simulation analysis to ensure the reliability while minimizing the noise of reducer operation. In order to reduce the impact of environmental noise on noise measurement, sound insulation devices were installed during the product test. The technical specification of the product requires the noise to be no higher than 65dB, and the actual measurement is 55dB, which breaks the lowest noise limit of the gear transmission device of the company.

The evaluation experts listened to the report on the development of J2H09 gearbox prototype, inspected the product size and weight index, the product special process and key process control, and confirmed the test items one by one, and gave full affirmation to the product development level and production organization ability of the company. The successful development of this project has laid a solid foundation for the in-depth cooperation between Hangteeth and the customer in the field of high precision products.

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