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Xiaoshan Trade Union Inspects Harmonious Labor Relations Work

Sep 1, 2023 | China News | 0 comments

xiaoshan Trade Union

Recently, Zhao Yuexiang, a member of the Party Committee of the Xiaoshan Trade Union and a second-level researcher, and Sheng Qingqing, deputy secretary of Chengxiang Street and chairman of the trade union, and their delegation investigated the new era of harmonious labor relations work of Hangzhou Advance Gear Group. Zhang Dejun, secretary of the Youth League Discipline Inspection Commission and chairman of the labor union of Hangzhou Advance Gear Group, and other leaders attended the meeting.

At the meeting, Zhang Dejun reported on the harmonious labor relations work of Hangzhou Advance Gear Group in the new era from six aspects: implementing democratic management, improving employee skills, safeguarding employee rights and interests, improving assistance mechanisms, strengthening self-construction, and assisting cultural construction. He said that Hangzhou  Advance Gear Group will work hard to comprehensively establish and develop a harmonious and stable new labor relationship, create a harmonious society and a harmonious enterprise, and continuously promote the high-quality development of the enterprise through pragmatic work.

Zhao Yuexiang affirmed the work done by Hangzhou Advance Gear Group for harmonious labor relations. He emphasized that General Secretary Xi Jinping is very concerned about harmonious labor relations. To do this work well, we must proceed from reality, focus on key points, and be specific. At the same time, we must also have ideas, creativity, and highlights, so that we can have what others don’t have and what others have, we have the best. We must work hard on political leadership, caring, democratic management, skill improvement and other tasks to achieve results, so that the company can develop, employees can benefit, and jointly establish harmonious labor relations.

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