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The 2023 JECKU EPM was Successfully Held

Jul 14, 2023 | Global Onsite Activity | 0 comments

On July 6-7, 2023, the expert preparatory meeting for the Japan-Europe, China-South Korea-US Shipbuilding Summit (JECKU EPM 2023) was successfully held in Dalian, China. The meeting was hosted by the China National Shipbuilding Industry Association (CANSI), and Li Yanqing, Secretary-General of the China Shipbuilding Association, attended the meeting online and made a keynote speech. Deputy Secretary-General Tan Naifen attended the meeting and delivered a speech. 36 representatives from associations and enterprises from China, Japan, Europe, South Korea and the United States attended the meeting. Among them, a total of 16 experts from the Chinese delegation participated in the meeting, from companies and research institutions such as China State Shipbuilding Corporation, COSCO Shipping Heavy Industry, China Merchants Industry Group, and Jiangsu Yangzijiang Shipbuilding Group.


Li Yanqing said in his speech that in recent years, the world shipbuilding and offshore engineering market has recovered significantly, and the activity of the global shipbuilding and marine industry has continued to increase. The reduction of shipping emissions, the development and utilization of offshore energy, and the economic recovery in the post-epidemic era have provided great vitality and potential impetus for the development of the maritime industry, which is dominated by the shipbuilding and offshore engineering industries. Looking forward to future development, IMO’s new GHG emission reduction target will accelerate the process of global shipping emission reduction, bringing about the reshaping of market, industry, policy and financial resources. The global shipbuilding industry will also face new challenges from shipowners, shippers, ports, and financial parties with higher technical levels, higher efficiency, and greater ambitions. The need for comprehensive emission reduction solutions is even more urgent. Furthermore, smart ships are already on the way as the IMO accelerates the development of the Code for Maritime Autonomous Surface Ships (MASS CODE). In the future, the new products provided by shipyards and equipment suppliers based on the new rules will subvert the traditional maritime ecology and promote the new development of the industry.

Li Yanqing further emphasized that the current international macro environment is unpredictable, geopolitical turbulence is severe, the financial situation is severe and complex, the supply chain “crisis” in the post-epidemic era has not fully recovered, and the shipping market is returning to normal. The challenges faced by the global shipbuilding industry Not to be underestimated. As the world’s major shipbuilding national summit meeting, JECKU must shoulder the responsibility for the sustainable development of the global shipbuilding industry, form a consensus on the green development of the global shipbuilding industry, form a consensus on the stable development of the international supply chain, and form a consensus on the concept of ESG in the global shipbuilding industry. With the support of more intelligent technologies, there is a consensus on the sustainable development of talents in the global shipbuilding industry, safeguarding the common interests of shipbuilding enterprises in their survival and development. It is hoped that this preparatory meeting (EPM) can lay a good foundation for the upcoming summit (TEM), and take cooperation to build a “sustainable development of the world shipbuilding industry community” as a common basis for deeper cooperation and consensus, so as to provide sustainable development for the shipbuilding industry. Continue to develop and find new routes. China Shipbuilding Association will continue to promote international exchanges in the maritime industry, and promote the formation of a new model of open cooperation and shared development with a higher level and deep integration with the global industry.

Secretary-General Li’s speech was recognized by all parties present at the meeting, and he welcomed relevant topics to be further discussed at the summit meeting (JECKU TEM) held in October this year.


During the meeting, experts from Japan, Europe, China, South Korea, the United States and other four countries and five parties exchanged and discussed the shipbuilding market situation in each region, macroeconomic development, raw material price trends, and labor supply and demand. Representatives from China made special speeches on the market development of three ship types: oil tankers, offshore engineering equipment (ships), and car carriers. Representatives from Japan, South Korea and Europe made special speeches on bulk carriers, container ships, LNG carriers, cruise ships and ferries. European representatives introduced the new situation of IMO and European shipping and shipbuilding related policies. At the meeting, representatives from various countries also discussed the macro environment of global uncertainty, the volatile shipping market, and stricter emission reduction policies.

All parties believe that under the current international situation full of uncertainties, shipbuilding countries should strengthen solidarity, deepen the sustainable development of the world shipbuilding industry, jointly cope with various challenges, raise exchanges and cooperation to a new level, and promote new development in the global maritime industry. play a greater role in.

The meeting also discussed the basic agenda for the summit in October this year, and determined that the 2024 JECKU meeting will be held in South Korea.

Relevant comrades from the Statistical Information Department and the Research Cooperation Department of China Shipbuilding Association attended the meeting.

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