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CSSC Has Completed its Annual Delivery Ahead of Schedule

Dec 30, 2022 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

Completed the annual delivery task

    On December 22, the 110,000 dwt LNG dual-fuel product tanker built by Guangships International Co., Ltd, a subsidiary of China Shipbuilding Group Corporation, was completed and delivered. So far, China Shipbuilding Group has completed the annual delivery task of this year ahead of schedule. Up to now, China Shipbuilding Group has delivered 209 vessels this year, amounting to 14,061,400 DWT. According to the preliminary statistics, the new orders and handheld orders of China Shipbuilding Group this year also maintain the world’s leading level.     Faced with a series of difficulties such as continuous encounter with the new crown epidemic and extreme weather, the ship enterprises under China Shipbuilding Group are of one heart and one mind, facing up to the difficulties, actively implementing the policy issued by the Party Group of China Shipbuilding Group on “coordinating and grasping the epidemic prevention and control and resuming production, aiming at the annual target tasks without relaxing, working creatively, striving to minimize the impact brought by the epidemic, and striving to The company has made every effort to complete the annual ship delivery target with high quality and delivered a heavy and bright report card.

High-end ship models are inundated

  According to statistics, among the ships completed and delivered by China Shipbuilding Group this year, 31.6% were dual-fuel ships and 56.8% were medium- and high-end ships, and while ensuring the number of completed and delivered ships, we also achieved the phased results of scientific and technological innovation and transformation and upgrading.

  Ltd. and Jiangnan Shipbuilding (Group) Co., Ltd. of China Shipbuilding Group have delivered four 24,000 TEU ultra-large container ships, which are known as “King of Cargo”, showing the first-mover advantage of China Shipbuilding’s technological breakthrough and new height of Chinese creation.

  In the field of LNG industry chain equipment, Hudong-Zhonghua and Jiangnan Shipbuilding delivered two large LNG carriers of 174,000 cubic meters, two LNG carriers of 80,000 cubic meters and one LNG carrier of 30,000 cubic meters. It is especially worth mentioning that Jiangnan Shipbuilding and Dalian Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Group Co., Ltd. also obtained the first order for the construction of large LNG carriers and subsequent batch orders, and accumulated technical reserves for the upcoming construction of 175,000 cubic meters large LNG carriers.

High-end ship models are inundated_11zon

  This year, a number of first-of-its-kind and first-type ships of China Shipbuilding Group stood out, and further enriched the construction spectrum and technology reserve of China Shipbuilding Group while dual-fuel ships became the main ship type. For example, CSG delivered the world’s first LNG dual-fuel-powered 300,000-ton VLCC, the first domestic energy-saving and environment-friendly 300,000-ton VLCC with two pairs of new-generation rigid wing sails, and the first 8,500 cubic meters LNG refueling vessel designed and built by China; Shanghai Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. delivered the world’s first 209,000-ton Newcastle-type LNG dual-fuel-powered bulk carrier and China’s first 210,000-ton Newcastle-type upgraded intelligent bulk carrier; China Shipbuilding Chengxi Ship Repair Co. In particular, it delivered China’s first 49,900-ton methanol dual-fuel chemical/product oil tanker, which successfully opened a new era of methanol dual-fuel shipbuilding in China.

  In the field of high-end offshore and special ship types, China Shipbuilding Group has also formed a good trend of vigorous development of batch construction. Ltd. delivered the world’s first 100,000-ton intelligent fishery large-scale farming vessel “Guoxin No. 1”, and China Shipbuilding Huangpu Wenchong Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. delivered the world’s most advanced fishery fishing and processing vessel “Deep Blue” and China’s first wind power installation platform “Baihetan” that meets the functional standards of the fourth generation of sea wind equipment, and Wuchang Shipbuilding Heavy Industry Group Co. In addition, Waigaoqiao Shipbuilding delivered the third Fast4Ward® “general-purpose” offshore floating production and storage vessel (FPSO); Jiangnan Shipbuilding delivered the 99,000 cubic meter B-class ultra-large ethane carrier (VLEC), 86,000 cubic meter ultra-large liquefied gas carrier (VLGC), and 3,600-car car carrier (PCTC); GSIC delivered 600-passenger/4500-meter lane luxury passenger ro-ro vessels, 3,000-meter lane multipurpose cargo ro-ro vessels, etc.

Steady progress of major projects_11zon

Steady progress of major projects

  In 2022, China Shipbuilding Group further strengthened the strategic operation control of ship and sea business, deepened Kanban management, and promoted the improvement of production and operation quality of ship and sea business; gave full play to the role of China Shipbuilding Group expert group to ensure the smooth implementation of major projects and key projects. The ship and sea enterprises resolutely carry out the spirit of annual work conference of China Shipbuilding Group this year, take the initiative to overcome various difficulties, carry out various work such as technological innovation, production preparation, lean management, cost engineering and efficiency improvement, and continue to promote product transformation and upgrading.

  After more than two years of continuous construction, the first large cruise ship made by China Shipbuilding Group, the “No.1 project” of China Shipbuilding Group, has entered the key stage of interior assembly and equipment (system) commissioning, and is steadily progressing towards the final milestone of naming and delivery.
On August 8 this year, the second domestic large cruise ship also in Waigaoqiao shipbuilding officially started construction, large cruise ships into the “two-wheel” construction era, marking the Chinese shipbuilding industry has initially mastered the key core technology of large cruise ship design and construction, the realization of batch, series construction is just around the corner.

  In the construction of ultra-large container ships, China Shipbuilding Group holds one hundred large container ship orders are all included in the Kanban management, focusing on monitoring the production progress of six shipyards and two mainframe yards, and the progress of each project is smooth and controllable.

  In terms of upgrading the construction capacity of large LNG vessels, Hudong-Zhonghua independently researched and designed China’s fifth generation “Changheng series” 174,000 cubic meters LNG carrier, which represents the highest technical level in the field of large LNG carriers in the world today, and moved from the design blueprint to the actual construction. “It has become an important milestone in the process of China’s development and design of LNG carriers from following and running to leading. With Jiangnan Shipbuilding and Dachan Group entering the field of large LNG carrier construction, the development of large LNG carriers by China Shipbuilding Group has formed a “three-legged” situation.

  With the growth of orders for dual-fuel vessels, CSG is also pushing forward the “two-in-one” new process and new mode of conventional sea trial and gas sea trial for dual-fuel vessels, which has achieved a series of remarkable results such as improved construction efficiency, shortened construction period and reduced construction cost after exploration, practice, application and verification, and has become a new model of CSG. It has become one of the major innovations and highlights of China Shipbuilding Group to improve quality, speed and efficiency in 2022.

CSSC Has Completed its Annual Delivery Ahead of Schedule

The year 2022 is an extraordinary year. The strength and resilience of the world’s No.1 shipbuilding group was demonstrated by the completion of the annual ship delivery task ahead of schedule and the 8% year-on-year increase in total ship deliveries. Facing the upcoming 2023, China Shipbuilding Group will continue to focus on its main industry, continuously expand new space for the development of shipbuilding industry, resolutely assume the responsibility of “chain leader” of China’s shipbuilding industry chain, and continue to make new contributions to the construction of a world-class shipbuilding group and a world shipbuilding power on a new starting point.

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