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Advance Group Attended the CWP 2016

Jun 7, 2022 | Leading Companies in China | 0 comments

Beijing International Wind Energy Conference and Exhibition (CWP), jointly organized by the Chinese Renewable Energy Association, the Chinese Renewable Energy Industries Association, the Global Wind Energy Council, China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association Wind Machinery Branch, the National Renewable Energy Center and China Center of Information Industry Development, is hold successfully at China International Exhibition Center in Beijing from 19 to 21, October 2016.

 Under the guidance of deputy general manager of Advance Group Co. Zhang Meng, the technology center and related personnel of Linjiang Company came to Beijing to attend the exhibition. What Advance on display in this exhibition is a flexible pin, FZCR5000 primary planet part of bearing without outer ring, planetary wheel, and marine wind driven generator model of double floating vertical axis with Advance gearbox.

The exhibits have attracted much attention, the visitors, the host unit personnel and the owner of the farm have been settled, with interest to listen to the on-site technical personnel’s introduction of the performance, characteristics and advantages of the structure, and the application of the structure in its wind power products.

 The World Wind Energy Association chairman and the president of Specialized Committee He Dexin, the Secretary General of China Agricultural Machinery Industry Association Wind Machinery Branch Qi Hesheng, the vice-president of Guodian Technology & Environment group co., Ltd., general manager of Unit Power Zhu Jingchun, Shanghai Electric Wind Power Group chairman and President Jin Xiaolong, and many leaders and experts from the Yuanjing, Ming Yang, Yunda and other companies visit the booth.

The Wind Energy Exhibition provided an opportunity for Advance to understand the wind power market, at the same time, it made more customers know Advance and also its products wind power, which achieved the desired results.


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