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Powerd by Advance, First Applied to Pakistan’s Strongest Official Ship

Jun 7, 2022 | Global Exhibition | 0 comments

July 2018, The main propulsion power integrated system produced by Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Co., Ltd. was applied to Pakistan’s largest and most advanced 1,500-ton maritime patrol ship PMSA 143 for the first time, opening a new chapter in China-Pakistan cooperation in shipbuilding.

 The power integration system has independent intellectual property rights, from research and development, manufacturing to joint debugging, the integration is completed, and the one-time trial ship is successful. Colonel Irfan Nadeem, who is in charge of the project in Pakistan, suggested to CSSC and Huangpu Wenchong that in the follow-up official ship project jointly built by China and Pakistan, the main propulsion power integration system should more use the products of Hangzhou Advance Gearbox.

The main propulsion power integration system produced by Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Co., LTD, Controllable Propeller, High Elastic and the whole ship’s Control System, Monitoring and Alarm System, and the packaging range is greatly increased compared with previous products. Among them, the GCH750-800 light-duty high-power high-speed heavy-duty gearbox has a maximum single-machine power of up to 7550KW, but it is small in size, light in weight, strong in impact resistance, 0-belt clutch, low in vibration and noise, and can be combined with internationally renowned high-end gearboxes such as REINTJES. Comparable to enterprise products. The loaded 5HI-090N controllable propeller belongs to the high power density marine controllable propeller, and the blade is only 2.85 meters.

 Hangzhou Advance Gearbox Co., Ltd. has the most complete product line of main propulsion integrated system in China, At the beginning of China-Pakistan cooperation in shipbuilding, personnel were sent to provide technology and equipment, and a complete installation, commissioning and sea trial escort team was fully guaranteed to complete the manufacture of the integrated system and the success of the trial ship. This is the largest product of Hangzhou Advance Gearbox in the power integrated system of official ships, which has accumulated experience for enterprises in the manufacture of various high-speed ship integrated systems such as the navy, coast guard, and maritime affairs. Opened a new channel for the follow-up cooperation between China and Pakistan in the construction of official ships.


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