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HGTL(X) Series High Elasticity Coupling

Jun 7, 2022 | Special Application | 0 comments


HGTL(X) series high elastic coupling is a kind of torsional high elastic coupling. It is not only suitable for medium and small power gearboxes produced by our group company, but also suitable for other power transmission with diesel engine as the main power. The device and main components are inner gear ring and toothed elastic components.

 This series of highly elastic couplings use heat-resistant rubber as the shock-absorbing material, which can effectively reduce and absorb vibration, improve the working conditions of the device, improve the use coefficient and transmission capacity, prolong the maintenance period and service life of the equipment, and improve the ship sailing condition. The coupling adopts the axial insertion type, so it can compensate for large axial displacement and certain radial displacement and angular displacement, and it is easy to install. This coupling is an indispensable accessory product for the upgrading of medium and small power power units.

 The maximum allowable working temperature of the elastic element of the coupling is 60℃. In order to prolong its service life, it is recommended not to use an outer cover as much as possible. When the outer cover must be used, a sufficient ventilation side should be given.

 Tooth shape of this series of high-elasticity elastomers is involute, and its structure and installation dimensions can fully meet the transformation of the old machine button of the toothed rubber block coupling. Among them, HGTLX series has limit device with overload protection, and the specifications are from 1.8kN. m~8.6kNm.


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