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Even If the Gear is Broken, It Can be Repaired. Let’s Take a Look.

Oct 7, 2023 | Technical Literature | 0 comments

Even if the gear is broken, it can be repaired. Let’s take a look

If you come across damaged gear, don’t throw it away first. Let’s see how the master craftsmen repair it perfectly. First, use a cutter to smooth out the broken gear residue. Then use a grinding bit to drill a few holes in the repaired flat position for subsequent reinforcement. Take out the unused plastic sewer pipes at home and cut them into small sections. Use 5000 grit sandpaper to smooth the cut area and get out a 20 meter knife. Make a chamfer on one-third of the cut, clamp the grounded half to the gear to prevent slipping, and secure the gear to the workbench with screws. Next, take out the plasticine that your son usually plays with, roll it into a long strip, put it into the gear, and press it hard to achieve a sealing effect. Cut the leftover candles from the candlelight dinner with his wife into small pieces, put them into a small homemade pot, simmer for five minutes, poured the liquid water candle into the fixed gear groove, and waited for solidification. After cleaning, he picked up his son’s Putty and gently remove the stuck water pipe. Use a razor blade to gently flatten the taller candles, remove the set screws, and gently break the candles to allow them to solidify. Glue the candle to the top and bottom of the broken tooth and seal it with glue around it. Okay, fix it on the table again, take a little white cement, put it into a special container, inject ten milliliters of epoxy resin, stir evenly, and inject the final soul. Stir the epoxy hardener until beige and pour into the enclosed gear well. Meimei woke up and was completely frozen. Use pliers to tear off the fixing glue, use a blade to clean up the remaining residue, use a grinder to smooth the excess, then use fine sandpaper to finely polish, use an electric grinder to round the edges, and use all your strength to break the solidified Candle. When every corner was cleaned, a perfectly restored rig emerged in front of us.

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