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Typical Cases|Cautions for Carrying Dangerous Goods on Ships

Feb 18, 2023 | China News | 0 comments

Recently, the law enforcement officers of the maritime department of Lianyungang found during the on-site inspection of the vessel “Jin XX” that the packaging goods being loaded on the vessel were suspected to be dangerous goods.

After further investigation, it was found that the ship was loaded with nickel wet smelting intermediate goods, which belonged to the ninth category of dangerous goods listed in the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code (IMDG code), UN dangerous goods No. UN3077. The ship’s captain and first officer carried out loading operations without informing the shipper of the relevant information about the goods, and the ship did not hold the corresponding dangerous goods fitment certificate and was not qualified to carry such goods. The ship did not hold the corresponding dangerous goods certificate and was not qualified to carry such goods. At present, the law enforcement officers are investigating the suspected violations.


It is understood that the main component of nickel wet smelting intermediate products is nickel hydroxide, which is an important raw material for the production of ternary batteries and a major component of the new energy industry chain. With the rapid development of electric vehicles and other industries and the high nickel of batteries in recent years, the demand for such raw materials from related enterprises has increased greatly. In order to protect the urgent need of the raw materials as soon as possible to reach the hands of the production enterprises, maritime law enforcement officers actively contacted the relevant freight forwarders, shipping companies, and took the initiative to contact the relevant transport qualification of the ship to carry the aforementioned dangerous goods. At present, the carriage of the goods is also in order to promote the work.


Related Knowledge

Below, we introduce the knowledge of dangerous goods on board ship.

What is dangerous goods?

Dangerous goods refers to the explosive, flammable, toxic, infectious, corrosive, radioactive and other dangerous properties, in the transportation, storage, production, operation, use and disposal, easy to cause personal injury or death, property damage or environmental pollution and need special protection of substances and goods.

Classification of Hazardous Materials

Explosives,Gases,Flammable gas,Solids,Oxides,Toxic and infectious substances,Radioactive substances,Corrosives,Miscellaneous hazardous substances and articles

Ships Carrying (Packaged) Dangerous Goods should pay attention to

1:The shipper shall notify the carrier of the official name of the dangerous goods shipped, the nature of the danger and the protective measures to be taken.

2:The carrying vessel shall hold a valid certificate of fitness or compliance with the certificate of dangerous goods.

3:The carrier shall be equipped with a valid version of the International Maritime Dangerous Goods Code.

4:The carrying vessel shall be equipped with emergency response and medical first-aid guidelines concerning dangerous goods accidents.

5:The ship carrying the dangerous goods shall have a manifest, manifest or stowage chart.

6:The relevant personnel shall carry out the declaration procedures for dangerous goods on board in accordance with the regulations

7:cargo accumulation, segregation should be in line with the relevant provisions

8:Cargo packaging shall be intact, and markings, signs and placards shall be in compliance.

9:The carrying vessel shall hang warning signs or display special signals as required

10:The carrier vessel shall establish a ship/shore safety checklist system with the operation terminal and sign the Ship/Shore Safety Checklist.

11:To berth or dangerous goods handling operations in ports, terminals, berths with the relevant laws and administrative regulations of the operation of dangerous goods qualifications.

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