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Advance Group Launched a New Wind Power Pitch Box

May 25, 2023 | Standard Products | 0 comments

Good news came from Shaoxing Qianjin Company that a set of pitch boxes applied to vertical wind power generation platforms was successfully trial-produced. This success provided imagination for the company to develop overseas markets through technical cooperation in the future.
A few years ago, the Hang Gear Industrial Sub-factory successfully trial-produced two sets of fan pitch boxes provided by the French NENUPHAR company with technical drawings. This is a product matched with the wind power box of Linjiang Company. The reform moved to Shaoxing Qianjin Company for trial production. Shaoqian Company undertook the production tasks with the assistance, support and guidance of its brother units, especially the Industrial Transformation Factory. In the end, a set of wind blade pitch box with assembly number 31000777 was successfully produced, and all technical indicators were qualified.
The biggest innovation of this new type of wind power pitch box produced by Shaoqian Company is that it changes the traditional wind turbines arranged horizontally to vertically arranged wind turbines. This structural layout can reduce the overall installation height of the wind turbines from 100 meters. Therefore, the technical difficulty, safety risk and installation cost of wind turbine installation are greatly reduced, and the economic benefits of wind power generation are effectively improved.
Wind Power Pitch Box
This new product applied to the vertical wind power generation platform is a new beginning for Hangzhou Gear Group to actively explore the overseas wind power market and seek to drive market cooperation through technical cooperation.
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