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The automatic transmission of HAECO was successfully produced

Apr 28, 2023 | Technical Articles | 0 comments

HAECO automatic

The automatic transmission of harbor machine independently developed by Hangteeth Group was successfully produced.

From design to delivery, the relevant personnel of the company went all out, taking only 3 months, to deliver a bright report card, laying a solid foundation for Hangteeth engineering transmission products to enter new fields.
This type of automatic transmission is the transmission for frontal crane of harbor machinery. All along, the market of harbor machinery transmission has been mostly occupied by foreign suppliers. After the outbreak of international epidemic, in order to ensure the safety of supply, the host factory urgently ordered and developed this gearbox from Hangteeth Group.

The efficient shipment of HAECO’s automatic transmission was praised by the host plant. All relevant personnel had the same goal and worked together with one heart, sparing no effort to complete the project. The whole implementation process was also very smooth because of the technical strength and production strength of Hangteeth. This self-developed gearbox has superior performance and better meets the relevant technical requirements of the OEM.

Relying on this opportunity, Hangtooth has successfully entered the market of port machinery and filled the domestic gap of this type of product.


HAECO automatic
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