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People’s Daily: The Future of Domestic Equipment Will Be Better!

Mar 10, 2023 | Industry News | 0 comments

Thinking back to the late 1970s, we could only produce some simple engineering equipment. Today, China has 22 major categories of construction machinery products, becoming one of the most complete product categories and varieties of countries. After decades of development, China’s construction machinery industry has undergone radical changes. 101-meter concrete pump truck, 4000-ton crawler crane, 900-horsepower bulldozer, 550-horsepower grader, 700-ton excavator, 16-meter super diameter shield machine and a large number of major equipment such as the successful development and application of construction machinery market vitality, the rapid development of industry scale.

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From the export data, in 2022, in the context of the continued spread of the new crown pneumonia epidemic around the world, China’s construction machinery exports have grown against the trend, and the export value in the first 10 months has exceeded the annual total of 2021, reaching $36.58 billion, an increase of 34.39% year-on-year. China’s construction machinery exports are expected to exceed $43 billion for the year 2022, hitting a new record high.

It is worth noting that according to Yellow Table 2022, the most influential global construction machinery manufacturers in the construction machinery industry released by KHL Group, a total of 10 Chinese construction machinery companies are on the list, namely XCMG, Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion Heavy Industry, LiuGong, China Longo Shanhe Smart, Shantui, Tiejian Heavy Industry, Zhejiang Dingli and Foton Revo, with Chinese companies accounting for 24.2% of revenue and ranking first.

The development history of these Chinese companies on the list is also a microcosm of China’s construction machinery industry. To sum up, they have several characteristics: firstly, they focus on their main business, even if there are small adjustments in their business, they finally return to their main course; secondly, they are flexible and clear, continuously adjusting their product lines according to their own advantages and market demand, some of them are bigger and more complete to form a rich product ecology, while others focus on one point to find their own positioning in the market with differentiated competitiveness; thirdly, they are innovative in R&D, based on technological upgrading Create highly competitive “fist products”; Fourth, the global layout, the combination of China’s industrial capacity and overseas markets to form a “double cycle”.

At present, China’s construction machinery industry has reached a new stage of transformation and upgrading, and is gradually transitioning from low value-added products based on cost advantage to high value-added products based on technology and services. China’s construction machinery from supporting products to the level of the whole machine significantly improved, the domestic market replacement rate of more than 96%, the initial conditions to become a construction machinery powerhouse. Although China’s construction machinery in the traditional industrial system still has a certain gap with the United States, Japan and Europe, but in the field of electrification, information technology, Internet of things and other fields have been closer to the United States, Japan and Europe construction machinery enterprises, such as XCMG, Sany Heavy Industry, Zoomlion Heavy Industry, etc. are in the electrification, industrial cloud, driverless and other aspects of the active layout and achieved promising results.

For the future, China’s construction machinery industry and related enterprises still need to strengthen their own construction:


First of all, increase the overall technology research and development investment efforts. Construction machinery manufacturing process there are some “neck” links, such as high-end pumps, valves, high horsepower engines, etc., to further research and development breakthroughs.

Second, upgrade the concept of competition. Some of the current competitive behavior of the industry is still not rational enough, unfair competition does not bring sustainable development of enterprises, will only cause continuous harm to the industry as a whole.

Third, strengthen the concept of the whole life cycle of the product service. Enterprises should be from the design of the product to the end of the whole life cycle to unified consideration, so that the product at each stage can reflect its value, so that the whole industry is healthier, more friendly to society and the environment.

Construction machinery is born out of agricultural machinery, agricultural machinery is to liberate manpower and improve efficiency, so construction machinery will also be more efficient, more professional functions, more friendly to man and machine, and greater liberation of manpower development. China’s construction machinery industry has been driving into the green, information, intelligent, unmanned development track, we have reason to believe that the future of China’s construction machinery industry will be better.

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