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Hangzhou Gear Group’s Intellectual Property Work is Fruitful!

Apr 7, 2023 | Industry Company Dynamics | 0 comments

Hangzhou Gear Group’s Intellectual Property Work is Fruitful!

Recently, Xiaoshan District Intellectual Property Protection and Development Conference was held successfully, and Wang Rundong, Vice Mayor of Xiaoshan District, attended the conference and made an important speech. Hangtooth Group was invited to attend the conference as a representative of enterprises and accepted the commendation for its success in creation, application, protection, management and service of intellectual property rights.

In 2022, Hangtooth Group took the series of important statements of General Secretary Xi on intellectual property rights work as the fundamental guidance, focused on innovation-driven development, concentrated on industrial transformation and upgrading, innovated ideas, promoted solidly, and achieved fruitful results in intellectual property rights work. During the year, 39 invention patents and utility model patents were accepted, 3 software copyrights were issued, and 38 invention patents and utility model patents were granted, representing a significant increase in overall figures compared with previous years. The Group has been awarded the first batch of “Provincial Intellectual Property Demonstration Enterprises” and “2022 National Intellectual Property Advantage Enterprises”; the trademark “Advance” was selected as a key trademark of Hangzhou.

Excel in the Asian Games year, and do not slacken in the future. In the next step, the Group’s intellectual property work will focus on promoting the cultivation of high-value invention patents, improving patent layout, implementing patent navigation services, comprehensively improving scientific and technological innovation capabilities, protecting independent innovation achievements, accelerating the creation of national intellectual property demonstration enterprises, and providing more powerful support for the high-quality development of enterprises.

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