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The super-large GW series marine gearbox were successfully produced

May 5, 2023 | Technical Articles | 0 comments

The first set of a certain type of marine gearbox of the GW series independently developed by the marine product research and development team of Hangzhou Advance Group Corporation was grandly delivered. The excellent technical indicators of the gearbox indicate that Hangtoo has achieved leapfrog technological progress in the design, processing and testing of large-scale GW series gearboxes. It is reported that this type of marine gearbox will be used in 46,000-ton bulk carriers.

oversized GW series
oversized GW series1

This type of gearbox has made bold innovations in many technical problems. It can be matched not only with medium and low speed diesel engines, but also with high-power high-speed engines. In addition, careful design calculations have been carried out in terms of clutch design, hydraulic system matching, sealing structure, etc., making the whole product quick response, low operating noise, and exquisite structural layout.


The successful development of this product is a major breakthrough in the field of high-power marine gearboxes of Hangzhou Advance Group.

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