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COSCO Shipping Releases Spring Festival Service Report Card!

Mar 3, 2023 | Industry News | 0 comments

The Spring Festival of 2023 has been successfully concluded on February 15. This year’s Spring Festival was the first one after the victory of the 20th Party Congress and the optimization and adjustment of the national epidemic prevention and control policy. The passenger and cargo transportation service enterprises including COSCO Shipping Passenger Transport, Hainan Port and Maritime Transport, Xiamen COSCO Shipping Group, which belong to the Group, conscientiously implemented the deployment requirements of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and COSCO Shipping Group, coordinated the new stage of epidemic prevention and control and the key work of passenger and cargo Spring Festival, integrated development and safety, and successfully completed the tasks of Spring Festival. We have successfully completed all the Spring Festival tasks and effectively ensured the smooth journey of passengers to their hometowns and reunions.

In the Bohai Bay region, the overall smooth and orderly transportation during this year’s Spring Festival, Bohai Bay passenger flow shows the characteristics of the pre-season scattered travel after the concentrated return, the beginning of December 2022 major universities and colleges have been released “student flow” in advance of the “peak”, the end of December At the end of December, the “work flow” will be dominated by the epidemic and the passenger and cargo transportation market will stabilize gradually. COSCO Shipping’s passenger vessels operated a total of 524 voyages, transporting 143,000 passengers and 49,900 vehicles.

In order to meet the personalized needs of different passengers, the “Little Starfish” service team of COSCO Shipping Passenger Transport vessels brought a unique shipboard experience to all passengers with their heart and soul. On each voyage of Jilongdao ship, special service specialists opened green channels for special passengers such as military personnel and their accompanying family members, the elderly, the young, the sick, the disabled and the pregnant, and provided priority services; the company actively communicated and coordinated with various ports to open special channels for cars to save boarding time and ensure smooth and fast passenger travel; on the day of Lantern Festival, the company joined hands with Dalian News Comprehensive Radio to carry out the live broadcast activity of “Fortunate Rabbit Celebrates Lantern Festival On the day of the Lantern Festival, the company joined hands with Dalian News Comprehensive Radio to carry out the live broadcast activity of “Fortunate Rabbit Celebrates the Lantern Festival”, wrapping Lantern Festival, tasting Lantern Festival, guessing lantern riddles and listening to heartfelt songs with passengers, enjoying the beautiful scenery and reunion together. During the Spring Festival, COSCO Shipping’s passenger vessels received 74 letters of commendation and 5 brocade flags.

In the Qiongzhou Strait region, a total of 8,299 sailings were made during this year’s Spring Festival, with 3,231,600 passengers entering and leaving the island, an increase of 67.5% year-on-year; 875,100 vehicles entered and left the island, an increase of 51.7% year-on-year, including 251 flights on January 28, with a passenger throughput of 128,200 passengers and a vehicle throughput of 31,600 vehicles, setting a new high for single-day cross-harbor vehicle and passenger throughput since the epidemic. The throughput was a new high since the epidemic.

During the Spring Festival, the Qiongzhou Strait Dispatching Center, under the effective guidance and coordination of the Pearl Airlines Bureau, coordinated 49 vessels’ capacity, scientifically formulated shift schedules, and flexibly adjusted shift schedules through the flow of cross-harbor vehicles and passengers in time to ensure sufficient capacity and smooth connection during peak hours. In this year’s Spring Festival before the fog caused intermittent suspension of navigation, the Spring Festival Golden Week car and passenger traffic surge and other circumstances, the Pearl River Bureau timely study and judgment, timely start emergency evacuation mechanism, timely evacuation of stranded car and passenger, to ensure that the port production can be carried out smoothly.

With the strong support of Haikou public security department, the port area moved forward the identification link at the gate and implemented the “strict, accurate and fast” identification requirements to ensure the efficient and smooth identification of people leaving the island. According to the current efficiency, during the peak period, 1,000 vehicles per hour can be checked at the new seaport and 400 vehicles per hour at the Xiuying port, an increase of 40% year-on-year.


In the Xiamen-Jinjiang region, the new Wuyuan ship belonging to COSCO Shipping adhered to the “five hearts” service concept during the Spring Festival, actively innovated the service mode, and opened a “one-stop” warm service. From assisting passengers in handling matters before boarding the ship, guiding them to fill in relevant forms, to paying key attention to special passengers such as the elderly and children, the company’s ship and shore personnel cooperated and carefully guided them throughout the whole process, so as to facilitate passengers’ travel to the greatest extent.

To further ensure the safety and smoothness of the resumption of the voyage after nearly three years of suspension, the company’s leaders and the ship management team have boarded the ship for many times to conduct various safety checks and guidance before the resumption of the voyage, and the entire crew has been retrained and rehearsed in the aspects of safe navigation, quality service and normal epidemic prevention and control, etc. With the joint efforts of all the staff on the ship and shore, the new Wuyuan ship has successfully executed five round-trip flights, transporting 585 passengers, and has won the reputation for its comfortable voyage With the comfortable voyage experience and high-quality and considerate service, the ship won the unanimous praise of passengers and drew a successful conclusion to the task of the Spring Festival voyage.

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