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COSCO Shipping Partners with Quanzhou Shihu Port to Start a New Era!

Feb 24, 2023 | Industry News | 0 comments


On February 15, a ceremony for the commissioning of the new berth of COSCO Shipping Port Quanzhou Pacific Terminal (hereinafter referred to as: CSP Quanzhou Terminal) and the maiden voyage of the new service was held in Quanzhou Shihu Port Area.
Deputy Secretary of Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of Quanzhou Municipal Government, Mr. Cai Shengli, Vice General Manager of COSCO Shipping Group, Mr. Lin Jident, Chairman of COSCO Shipping Container Lines, Chairman of the Board of Directors of COSCO Shipping Ports and Chairman of the Board of Directors of OOCL, Mr. Yang Zhijian, Member of the Standing Committee of Quanzhou Municipal Party Committee, Minister of United Front Work, Vice Mayor of Quanzhou Municipal Government, Mr. Liu Linsheng and other leaders of relevant enterprises and ports attended the ceremony and jointly pressed the start button.

With the sound of the whistle, the “New Quanzhou” and “OOCL LE HAVRE” of COSCO Shipping’s dual-brand fleet set sail from the newly built 100,000-ton berth at Shihu Port to Singapore Port and Klang Port respectively. Under the witness of more than 200 representatives from “port, shipping and cargo”, Quanzhou, the “ancient port of Song Dynasty” and the “starting point of the sea silk”, officially opened a new era of “big ships and big ports”. big ship, big port” new era.
The new berth will help Quanzhou Shihu Port to be further upgraded to a first-class comprehensive port in the West China Sea region after it is officially put into operation. This time, COSCO Shipping Group’s COSCO Shipping Container Lines and OOCL have opened two new international container liner trunk lines to Singapore Port and Klang Port in Quanzhou Shihu Port, adding new vitality for Quanzhou to strengthen international economic and trade exchanges. COSCO Shipping Port will take this new route inaugural voyage as a new starting point, rely on the developed industrial clusters in Quanzhou City, deepen the collaboration between ports and shipping, strengthen the linkage between ports and ports, attract more new routes to call here, build the Shihu port area into a gathering place for international trade and marine cargo, help the thousand-year-old port to further connect with the world, and contribute to the economic prosperity and development of Quanzhou and Fujian region. The new port will help further connect with the world and contribute to the economic prosperity of Quanzhou and Fujian

The project “No. 5 and 6 berths in Shihu operation area of Quanzhou Port”, which is invested and constructed by COSCO Shipping Port Quanzhou Terminal, includes two 100,000-ton container berths and supporting facilities such as rear yard, and is a key construction project in Fujian Province. The project design and construction process is integrated with COSCO Shipping’s “Smart Port – Green Low Carbon” solution. On the site of the launching ceremony, five unmanned trucks were formed to participate in the terminal loading and unloading operations. The unmanned operation can be realized in the port area with all-weather and all-process unmanned operation. The new berths are equipped with shore power facilities at the same time. Up to now, Shihu Port has achieved full coverage of shore power, fully implementing the goal of “double carbon” and COSCO Shipping Group’s green and low-carbon development strategy.

It is reported that this is the first phase of the project, and when the project is fully completed, the annual throughput capacity of the Shihu Port of Quanzhou will be increased by 40% to 3 million TEU, which will effectively serve the domestic and foreign trade container operation needs of Quanzhou City and the surrounding hinterland.

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