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Dual-Machine And Vehicle Marine Gearbox Passed Acceptance

Nov 7, 2022 | Special Products | 0 comments

  Recently, the 2GWH9250 high-power marine gearbox designed and manufactured by Hangzhou Gear Group Co., Ltd. has been jointly reviewed and tested by representatives of the Beihai Branch of the State Oceanic Administration, the 701st Research Institute and the 711st Research Institute of China Shipbuilding Industry Corporation. Successfully passed the factory acceptance.
  The 2GWH9250 gear box is the largest dual-engine parallel-engine propulsion gear box of Hang Gear Group Company. It is used for the main propulsion system of the third modification project of my country’s ocean-going scientific research meritorious ship “Dayang No. 1”, as an old ship modification project. , The double-machine parallel gearbox is the most critical deceleration equipment of the ship. It is a double-machine input, the main engine power is 2970kW×2, the speed is 500rpm, the speed ratio is 3.4676:1, and the maximum thrust of the propeller is 1000KN, and there are 2 auxiliary power outputs. (PTO), PTO is required to be a primary structure, and a single design weight is about 37T. The product structure is complex, the reliability requirements are high, the design and processing are difficult, and the manufacturing schedule is tight, and the product is listed as the company’s special product.


  Hangji Group has established a special working group composed of technology, quality, manufacturing and other departments. The working group closely focused on the quality assurance outline requirements of the gearbox, and strictly controlled the quality and tracked the whole process in key processes such as design drawings, blank procurement, process preparation, processing and manufacturing, heat treatment control, and assembly test runs to overcome multiple design and production processes. processing problems. Since the primary PTO is applied in the dual-engine parallel gear box for the first time, the transformation of the old ship is more restricted in structure. The designers of the technical center rose to the challenge, made full technical preparations for the project, and carried out a lot of Analysis and calculation, continuous optimization of the design, in order to strive for a sufficient manufacturing period for the follow-up, work overtime to catch up with the design progress, and complete the design task of the entire set of drawings in a relatively short period of time, and often go to the production site for technical communication, whether it is welding boxes, etc. The acceptance of critical parts is also the handling of special requirements of customers, and we strive for excellence in every link. The personnel of the high-power plant, manufacturing department, quality assurance department and other departments went all out to coordinate and cooperate, and successfully completed the tasks of product manufacturing, assembly and testing.
  The successful acceptance of the 2GWH9250 gearbox shows that Hangzhou Gear has mature design and manufacturing capabilities for high-power dual-engine parallel gearboxes, which sets a banner for Hang Gear in the propulsion system project of official ships, and further consolidates Hang Gear’s forward brand in marine machinery. The leading position in the market has also accumulated valuable experience for the development of similar projects in the future.

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